Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is that smell?

How do you keep your home from becoming an over flowing laundry basket? Zan and I spent all day Saturday cleaning the apartment. When I say all day I mean from early morning until 6:30 pm. The reason for the cleaning? We decided to invite some friends over to play with my new obsession, Rock Band. I hate to clean as does my husband. As embarrassing as this is to admit, we can go for weeks without a proper cleaning. It takes inviting people over last minute for us to get our apartment clean. I just can't keep myself on a "cleaning" schedule. I fully understand that by creating a schedule cleaning it would not always seem so overwhelming. I think I must be lacking the domestication gene needed to keep a home.

I love a clean house. There is nothing like the morning after you have cleaned. Waking up knowing there are no dishes stinking up your sink. Or stepping into a clean bath tub knowing there is no mysterious slimy substance waiting to challenge your early morning equilibrium. And yet, neither the stinky dishes or the slimy tub is enough to get me to clean up our apartment on a regular basis. I am like a nasty frat boy living in my own stink and enjoying it. I have become accustom to living in my own filth and I am starting to feel scared! It's cold mom...I...I can't feel my feet...

Truthfully, the state of my home is directionally proportional to my state of mind. And my state o' mind ain't what it once was. But that is what pisses me off! I mean how old am I? I always thought there was this magical age when I would get my shit together. But the joke is on me apparently! There is, of course, no such thing. Just the cold dark reality that when the shit hits the fan my sink starts to reek!

Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone adhere to some kind of schedule? If so, what is it? How do you keep yourself motivated in order to keep on track? If anyone is reading this leave me a comment with one great tip. Whether or not you currently reside in your own pit of despair, I know you still have one trick for tidying you save for when company is coming over. I try to create a place and space for everything. No matter what I do there is always an area in the apartment that remains cluttered.

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