Monday, September 22, 2008

A desire to be...just be.

Yesterday I was stressed, today I am stressed and tomorrow I will be stressed! Do you remember as a kid when everyone would say things like, "Enjoy life! The older you get the more complicated it gets!" Why is that? I mean seriously I want someone to tell me why that is the one constant truth of being an adult?

On top of this realization is the realization that I am still struggling to find a way to feel successful in terms of my career path! Is it too much to ask to only have to deal with the external crap that comes my way? Do I really have to figure out how to feel creative while also being a competent business owner?

I just want to be...just be: creative, carefree, uncomplicated and relaxed. These words have become my new life goals. Okay, I know in a perfect world! So add to that successful, prepared, productive and perfect! Now I am starting to see the problem!

Anyone else struggling? If so how do you make your peace?

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