Thursday, September 25, 2008

Overcoming Fear

Someone once asked me, "Why are you afraid of being successful?" The way I felt following that question was what I imagine getting slapped in the face must feel like. I had never before thought about my lack of forward motion as a reaction to my fear.

The older I get the more this all makes sense. Also, on the flip side, the older I get the less this fear is able to control me. Sure I still put in a frantic call to my saint of a mother who calmly assures me everything will be all right (Thanks for this morning!!). Isn't the saying, "Nothing worth doing is ever easy". I try to remember this statement when I wake up bombarded by the pressure and chaos of the world pressing the covers tighter over my head. It is not always easy but then again is that not what mothers are there for? To calmly and lovingly remind us that we are all capable of achieving all of our most precious goals!

So today I embrace my fear and allow it to move me forward! Even if it means feeling out of control for a little while. Eventually it will all makes sense.

Has anyone been moved in a forward motion by their fear? What was the outcome?

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  1. I remember sitting in my car in the driveway of my duplex on Glen Echo scared to death of going inside and signing that lease. I was so afraid to move on from my past and into the future... towards the success of a better relationship than the one I was currently in. You were by my side and you were willing to go in and tell the land lady that I had changed my mind. That support was enough to propel me towards doing the right thing. I will never be able to thank you enough for that moment... a moment that had changed my life in SO many ways.