Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Upon realizing that your mother really is a Superhero...

Do you hate to clean? Did I just write that? Of course, no one likes to clean. Well, I am now a home owner and cleaning just comes with the whole package! I have always been someone who keeps her kitchen cleanish but never an entire house! Ok so it is only 1323 sq. ft. Pathetic but oh so true! Blame it on my youngest child syndrome. Yes, let's do that. Mother thank you so much for always doing so much for me that I now have the inability to "keep house". Just kidding mother! What I really want to say is, "Ok mom I get it and thank you."

I don't know how she did it and kept her sanity! Everyday the same thing: scrub, rinse, repeat. I am starting to think I might go insane. And my poor mother on top of all that, doing it with two semi ungrateful teenagers and a passive husband (my father has since redeemed himself-well kind of ;)). The perfect example of my mother is how she used to wake us up for school in the mornings. She would come in singing something like, "It's morning, the sun is shining, time to wake up and enjoy the day!" Now those of you who know me know that my response to this was none to pleasant. But as an adult in a new marriage, I am starting to get how powerful it must be to love as a mother.

My hope is to have a daughter (even though I know mother you are laughing at this) and be able to fully appreciate the pure torture it must have been to have been my mother. The mother of a depressed (daughter of my father) teenager! Here's to you mother. You deserve a medal and a song!

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  1. The only part of cleaning my house that I really despise (and therefore pawn off on Tad) is cleaning the toilets and showers. Tilex really tears up the ole sinuses something awful. Also, having spent the better part of yesterday helping babysit my three second cousins, I really don't know how parents do it every day. But thank goodness they do! I agree with your mom being a superhero, she should have her own show! I'd like to give a shout out to Mrs. O as well-she is such an amazing, nurturing soul!