Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have been tagged!! First time and so exciting!!

I've been tagged by Wires n Pliers to list 8 random things about myself. For me just being tagged is the most exciting part!! So here goes!!

1.) I think I know everything but am constantly reminded that I really don't ;)!

2.) I speak to my two boy cats as if they are humans.

3.) I was lucky enough to marry my true love and we met on!

4.) I hope to one day make large scale metal art.

5.) I am obsessed with (if you don't know it, get it now!).

6.) I have the sleep disorder narcolepsy (and no I do not fall asleep at the drop of a is more like the drop of a bubble).

7.) I am, for better or worse, a highly sensitive person.

8.) I love love love British period films.

I now pass the tag onto these fellow bloggers have fun and message me when you are done!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

Well, it is official I go for my first interview for a new job tomorrow (sale and customer relations). It is nothing to write home about but that is my own fault. I have a list of regrets relating to my lack of a career path a mile long. If I sit and think about it I spiral so I choose to ignore it! I am on my way back into corporate America with nothing but a smile and half-a**ed resume!! Go ME!!

I have to keep the greater good in mind...PAYING OFF OUR DEBT. The faster Zan and I get our finances under control the closer I am to being able to make and sell jewelry full time!
Anyway, what are your best tips for a successful interview?

To be loved

I am blessed. As I sit on my couch tonight surfing the Internet, I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love. I have been so down lately. It is about stupid things like finally getting my new house organized and catching up with the laundry. It all seems so important in the moment. Plus I have this really bad habit of becoming paralyzed when there is too much on my plate. I realize that I am the only one who can change the things that are keeping me down. I am not starving...I am not lonely...I am not freezing...I am loved. That is a truly amazing thing. It is not always easy to remember this but I am glad tonight it seems the easiest task on my ever increasing "to do" list.

Next up finding a job while at the same time keeping a smile on my face! Easier said then done I think.

How do you stay focused on the positive?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

I never take my New Year's resolutions to heart. I never hold myself accountable for any changes I want to make. If I go into a depressive non motivated period I always let myself off the hook for anything and everything. Maybe it is just my own personal survival mode but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! I keep wondering, "How old I am going to be when it finally clicks." I am so sick of wondering, so sick of waiting for my life to change for the better. I know again I am putting so much pressure on myself but I think I may be finally old enough!!!

My New Year's resolution is to live in the now. I understand now how fleeting time can be. Of course there are a million and one things to get done everyday! This resolution is about finding a way to handle all those things in a way that doesn't send me into a frozen couch potato coma. A coma that when I wake has me saying where did the time go?

What is your New Year's resolution?