Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

Well, it is official I go for my first interview for a new job tomorrow (sale and customer relations). It is nothing to write home about but that is my own fault. I have a list of regrets relating to my lack of a career path a mile long. If I sit and think about it I spiral so I choose to ignore it! I am on my way back into corporate America with nothing but a smile and half-a**ed resume!! Go ME!!

I have to keep the greater good in mind...PAYING OFF OUR DEBT. The faster Zan and I get our finances under control the closer I am to being able to make and sell jewelry full time!
Anyway, what are your best tips for a successful interview?


  1. Jane, good luck! Since I've never really had a corporate job, the only tips I can offer are to be early, look polished, and be able to support your answers with stories/examples-stuff you probably already knew! Call me when you're done!

  2. Good Luck Jane, I hope your interview goes smoothly. And if you get done early, come over to my blog, because Just For Fun, I just tagged you with 8 randoms things about me, now you....
    Seriously though, much luck on rejoining the grid. I'd like to get out, myself; but I need the income too. darned bills.
    Have a great weekend, and come on over, after your interview. 8 randoms thing await you.