Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To be loved

I am blessed. As I sit on my couch tonight surfing the Internet, I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love. I have been so down lately. It is about stupid things like finally getting my new house organized and catching up with the laundry. It all seems so important in the moment. Plus I have this really bad habit of becoming paralyzed when there is too much on my plate. I realize that I am the only one who can change the things that are keeping me down. I am not starving...I am not lonely...I am not freezing...I am loved. That is a truly amazing thing. It is not always easy to remember this but I am glad tonight it seems the easiest task on my ever increasing "to do" list.

Next up finding a job while at the same time keeping a smile on my face! Easier said then done I think.

How do you stay focused on the positive?


  1. By doing just what you did! Reminding yourself of the good nuggets... and trying not to dwell too long on the negative... this morning I was SO PISSED that I dragged myself out of bed an hour early, only to find that the IDIOTS who manage my building can't get their sh** together and remember to unlock the workout room by the time it's SUPPOSED TO BE OPEN. After going off on two people who had nothing to do with it, I realized I should chillax and not let it ruin my day (or anyone else's), but as you can see I'm still rather miffed. Ugh, it's hard...

  2. I hear that. But can I just say hats off to you for getting up in the cold to work it out!!

  3. I am following you Jane! You are truly amazing at how you are so honest about yourself! I love reading your thoughts! I also love hearing your voice, so call me and chat! Have a great evening! Love, Mom