Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Importance of Crossing Your T's

I have learned a couple of things about myself as of late. 1) I do not fully cross my t's and 2) I always write a title before I know what I am going to write about. Are those not two very weird things? The non crossing of t's, I am told, means I have trouble following through as well as the inability to complete the tasks I start. This could be why I have about 15 unfinished blogs. The title before subject is probably related to the "t" thing! I need a lesson in staying focused. I think it must be a trait associated with being creative, this lack of focus. At any given moment I have about 5 things I am trying to figure out and finish. My question to the universe is this, "Am I capable of changing the things that keep me from moving forward?"

Recently I have been exploring a new career path. And I am filled with such old school anxiety. I am afraid but excited. What if I forget to cross my t's?

What are your best tips for staying focused?

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  1. I am ADD from a head trauma, but have been off meds for almost 9 years. Now, I'm the queen of lists! Whenever I'm scattered, I write. Oh, and discipline. You won't catch me whipping out a notebook during a conversation...that might seem kinda rude "Ummm, now what did you say? Say it slowly..." I just practice bringing my mind back. Again and again and again....and again.

    ...and again.