Friday, April 3, 2009

It is 3:30 am and I am awake. Luckily I have the day off tomorrow but my current game plan is to clean, clean, and clean!! I have my grocery list floating around in my head. It is filled with healthy goods for Z and me plus rubber gloves and a toilet wand!! Also in my head this early early morning is my perfect plan of attack for today's Spring cleaning. However, the fact that I am awake at 3 am does not bode well.

I mean really, for those of you with a full time job outside the home, who has time to keep a clean house? IT IS EXHAUSTING!! But it is either figure out a game plan or live in filth. And believe me I have been living the latter for well over a month and it is time for a game plan!!! My current game plan consists of bright yellow rubber gloves and an attitude adjustment ;)!! Spring is in the air (well I mean the severe storms have arrived indicating that Spring is on it's way) and my house needs some attention. Man I am optimistic in the early cracks of dawn! We shall see how the day unfolds.

How many of you Spring clean? What is your personal motivation?


  1. Hey girl! I'm catching up on your blog on my day off. I actually tried my hand at spring cleaning for the first time this year. My motivation? Complete and utter disgust with the filthy state my home has come to in the almost 3 years we've been here.... I spent an entire Saturday cleaning the windows - inside and out. I had Grant take Sophia out hiking so I'd be able to clean in peace. And it seriously took almost an entire day to do the windows!!! How depressing! I still haven't found the motivation to clean all the light fixtures. I can literally see bugs and dirt on the inside of the light coverings... And the inside of my refrigerator...

  2. I have my first day off in a LONG while tomorrow and I will be cleaning. I am not happy about it!! I can imagine though throwing in a toddler does complicate matters somewhat!! I am looking so to JULY!!!