Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Aladdin Catalog Home

I often wonder what the original kitchen looked like when my little 1920's Aladdin catalog home was built. I have found pictures of 1920's kitchens. They were not glamorous by today's standards strictly utilitarian. Nevertheless still the hub of the home. Here are some pics of 1920's kitchens but I still have trouble picturing any of these in my house!

We now have a very standard flipped kitchen with not trace of its original glory. I would love to find a great set of vintage cabinets and start renovating!

It is hard for me not to wonder about the history of our first home. I like thinking about the many Thanksgiving meals served in my dining room and the happy Christmas mornings. These stories, now 90 years in the making, lay dormant in my quiet plaster walls. I know our story and that is enough for now.

Anyone living in a piece of history? What are the stories hiding in your walls?

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Great Snow Storm of 2010

Yes!! Finally!! We got it!! Beautiful, white, make you feel 7 again, SNOW!!. Not just a dusting but inches and inches of fluffy perfect flakes!! These pics were around 4pm. It has continued to snow and the coverage is dense! Z and I made snow angels. If they are not covered up I will post those pics tomorrow...they were pretty darn good for two 30 somethings a bit rusty on their snow play. It has been a good day. Work ended early and mother nature blessed us with a bit of the white stuff!

If you are from Nashvegas, post your perfect snowmen and snow angels!! Happy snow day!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is cold out and the "supposed" snow is on it's way. I am relaxing after a long day and an even longer week. While I relax I am cyber re-decorating my living room. I am planning on taking some interior design courses in the fall and love being able to play with all the ideas in my head on

We are lucky enough to have been given very nice hand-me-down furniture from my parents but the pillows and area rug have seen better days. For better or worse our home was freshly painted a very neutral shade of neutral. Not wanting to try my hand at painting we live with it and decorate around it!! How I long for wide horizontal stripes in two varying shades of neutral (dark neutral and an even darker neutral) from floor to ceiling. I do enjoy a good paint job. I think pillows will be all I get to splurge on for the time being but I love exploring different styles. I hope you enjoy the colors currently on the brain!!

Email me if you have a room in need of a fresh perspective and some cyber decorating!! I need to hone my skills.
Re-decorating my living room!
Re-decorating my living room! by jewels1977 on

I am obsessed with these prints from Crate and Barrel. I am crazy for anything Mid-century Modern (just ask my hubby about my dream for a moss green or slate grey MCM ranch). These prints are the best of both worlds: interesting subject matter in my own personal color palette!!

Day Three...Blah

Blah. Did it. Blah. Did not want to get up this morning. Blah. It did feel good but not great. Blah. I am sure you are getting the just of this. Need morning words of encouragement because it was really hard to get up. But then again I did it so that says something...what's that I hear? Oh sure there you are endorphins thanks for joining me this morning. I am starting to get out of my oh-so-early morning funk! And scene.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I repeat, DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREEN!!! You are reading it right there was no Day Three. I decided to take the day off. I know, I know a little early on to be playing that game with myself but at least I am being honest!! I am planning on the dreaded 5am tomorrow but until then my sore abs and creaking knees are thanking me!!

Anyway, I really wanted to blog about something my co-worker introduced me to today, I know everyone has their own way of keeping track of finances but this site goes one step further. On top of being user friendly and just plain pretty, it updates you via email when you are about to go over your set budget!! If you are trying to save, budget and/or pay off debt go check it out!! Until tomorrow happy Wednesday!

Those of you in Nashvegas, snow...really come on!! I don't buy it til I see it!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Two

Well I am two for two!! I know, I know let's not get ahead of ourselves but I am sorry the endorphins are taking over this morning. I feel pumped. My body is slowly remembering what to do when forced to climb a staircase not just to lay it's self down and beg for a back rub ;)!!

For the time being I am setting small goals as exercise and I have never been bosom buddies. I have always loved it once I got a routine going but the initial 2-3 week hump can be brutal!! But today is today. And today I mother f***ing ROCKED IT!! I even broke a sweat. I would be way to embarrassed to admit the last time this broad broke a sweat. It was invigorating.

Today's goal was to drag myself out of bed...check. So I am striving for one more make positive food decisions. I have left overs of baked chicken and salad so lunch is covered. I also have on hand cashews, craisins, and rice cakes. Dinner is in the slow cooker (I know don't laugh, there is something to this plan-of-attack concept).

So until (hopefully) tomorrow, what are your best healthy eating tips?

Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Day.

Well, well, is 6:03am on a MONDAY and I am awake. Not only awake but I have successfully picked my tired a$$ out of bed and worked out!! I am not talking about begrudgingly waking up only to drag my bloated comatose body down the stairs. I mean I got out of bed, went downstairs, stretched my creaking bones and did PILATES!! And do you know what? I had forgotten what my almost 5 years working at a pilates studio had done for me...made me love it.

I have gotten so stiff and heavy in the last couple of years. Never wanting to admit this to myself, I just kept ignoring the warning signs. I could see could see the changes in the mirror but I ignored it. I think I became desensitized to my own reflection. On a lighter note (no pun intended) slowly but surely my body is remembering how wonderful exercise can feel.

Everyday is a struggle for me. Everyday it will get easier I know that it is just admitting to myself how little respect I have had for my health over the last ten years. It can be depressing but I guess knowing if half the battle.

I think about things like being able to go for a hike without getting winded to find inspiration. Hiking to a peak and finding a view that take your breath away. I miss that type of beauty in my life. My new healthy goal for this week is to take a hike on Saturday.

Do you set small goals every week? What are some of yours?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Blues :(

How do you get yourself out of a funk? I feel like I have been flying so high lately and then all of the sudden everything went bleak. Is it the after the holiday blues? How about a lack of sunshine? Maybe it is just plain old January? Regardless I need to push through in a bad way!!

I have so many stupid adult responsibilities that I can not leave hanging out to dry! On top of this funk I have been trying to slowly reintroduce (eek, dare I say the word) EXERCISE back into my daily routine. The funny thing is I love to exercise once my body stops rebelling from the initial shock of it all. But I need some support!!

How do you get yourself out of the January blues? Let's inspire each other!! It is, after all a new year and the best time to re-access all your personal goals.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok I will admit I stole this idea from a decor sight...Making it lovely. I would like to add these under our living room side tables as catch alls...minus the strap, of course!!
I am kind of thinking this is the perfect mirror for our downstairs half bath.

These ice bullets are just too fun!!
These agate coasters would be a perfect addition to our living room.
I am not sure what I would use these for as I do not scrapbook but maybe some cool artwork?

Stuff I want now!! Stuff I want now!! Stuff I want now!!

P.S. Did I mention this is all stuff I want now :p!!!!

Happy January!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Blah!!

Well hello 2010 thank you for giving me a nasty nasty stomach bug!! Also for making it very difficult to not only NOT be depressed about my sad drooping x-mas tree still standing petrified in the corner of my family room but also for making it that much harder to get back on schedule. I recently heard someone say that whatever you are doing on new year's eve is an indicator of the kind of year you will have. Well I had a great new years but this start to the year has been anything but fun. I remember in the hours before this stomach thing reared it's ugly head thinking about all the positive things I was going to accomplish this week. Well that is down the drain!! Although I did clean up this afternoon as well as rearrange my family room. So I guess that is something.


The first part of this blog was written a week ago and since then the house is again a disaster but THE TREE IS DOWN!! My only excuses are a pulled muscle in my back and work, work, work!! My new goal is to get some Valentine's Day creations out. I guess that being said I also need to find some FOCUS in order to get the goal of V-day jewelry accomplished. Wish me luck!!
What is the strangest New Year's resolution you've ever made and kept?