Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Two

Well I am two for two!! I know, I know let's not get ahead of ourselves but I am sorry the endorphins are taking over this morning. I feel pumped. My body is slowly remembering what to do when forced to climb a staircase not just to lay it's self down and beg for a back rub ;)!!

For the time being I am setting small goals as exercise and I have never been bosom buddies. I have always loved it once I got a routine going but the initial 2-3 week hump can be brutal!! But today is today. And today I mother f***ing ROCKED IT!! I even broke a sweat. I would be way to embarrassed to admit the last time this broad broke a sweat. It was invigorating.

Today's goal was to drag myself out of bed...check. So I am striving for one more today...to make positive food decisions. I have left overs of baked chicken and salad so lunch is covered. I also have on hand cashews, craisins, and rice cakes. Dinner is in the slow cooker (I know don't laugh, there is something to this plan-of-attack concept).

So until (hopefully) tomorrow, what are your best healthy eating tips?

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