Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Blah!!

Well hello 2010 thank you for giving me a nasty nasty stomach bug!! Also for making it very difficult to not only NOT be depressed about my sad drooping x-mas tree still standing petrified in the corner of my family room but also for making it that much harder to get back on schedule. I recently heard someone say that whatever you are doing on new year's eve is an indicator of the kind of year you will have. Well I had a great new years but this start to the year has been anything but fun. I remember in the hours before this stomach thing reared it's ugly head thinking about all the positive things I was going to accomplish this week. Well that is down the drain!! Although I did clean up this afternoon as well as rearrange my family room. So I guess that is something.


The first part of this blog was written a week ago and since then the house is again a disaster but THE TREE IS DOWN!! My only excuses are a pulled muscle in my back and work, work, work!! My new goal is to get some Valentine's Day creations out. I guess that being said I also need to find some FOCUS in order to get the goal of V-day jewelry accomplished. Wish me luck!!
What is the strangest New Year's resolution you've ever made and kept?

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