Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is cold out and the "supposed" snow is on it's way. I am relaxing after a long day and an even longer week. While I relax I am cyber re-decorating my living room. I am planning on taking some interior design courses in the fall and love being able to play with all the ideas in my head on

We are lucky enough to have been given very nice hand-me-down furniture from my parents but the pillows and area rug have seen better days. For better or worse our home was freshly painted a very neutral shade of neutral. Not wanting to try my hand at painting we live with it and decorate around it!! How I long for wide horizontal stripes in two varying shades of neutral (dark neutral and an even darker neutral) from floor to ceiling. I do enjoy a good paint job. I think pillows will be all I get to splurge on for the time being but I love exploring different styles. I hope you enjoy the colors currently on the brain!!

Email me if you have a room in need of a fresh perspective and some cyber decorating!! I need to hone my skills.
Re-decorating my living room!
Re-decorating my living room! by jewels1977 on

I am obsessed with these prints from Crate and Barrel. I am crazy for anything Mid-century Modern (just ask my hubby about my dream for a moss green or slate grey MCM ranch). These prints are the best of both worlds: interesting subject matter in my own personal color palette!!

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