Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Aladdin Catalog Home

I often wonder what the original kitchen looked like when my little 1920's Aladdin catalog home was built. I have found pictures of 1920's kitchens. They were not glamorous by today's standards strictly utilitarian. Nevertheless still the hub of the home. Here are some pics of 1920's kitchens but I still have trouble picturing any of these in my house!

We now have a very standard flipped kitchen with not trace of its original glory. I would love to find a great set of vintage cabinets and start renovating!

It is hard for me not to wonder about the history of our first home. I like thinking about the many Thanksgiving meals served in my dining room and the happy Christmas mornings. These stories, now 90 years in the making, lay dormant in my quiet plaster walls. I know our story and that is enough for now.

Anyone living in a piece of history? What are the stories hiding in your walls?

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