Friday, February 5, 2010

Ding Dong the Dodge is Dead!!

Well it is finally here the thing we knew was coming but doubted all the while...Zan's car is dead!! I know I am so very sad about it ;)! The end has come for the 1998 Dodge Stratus. I am little bummed as we were about 8 months away from being debt free (other than our home). But alas life has a funny way of redirecting you whether you are debt free or not! I have decided to go balls to the walls and get really pumped about the prospect of CAR SHOPPING. Zan, on the other hand, is taking a little longer to warm up.

As of 3pm today we were approved for our car loan at $3000 more than we wanted to spend. Only in America do they want you to purchase more than you can handle. That's all we need MORE STUFF and not enough income to pay for it!!! I am over this concept. I will admit I spent the better part of my 20's buying whatever I wanted. Now I am all about having less and enjoying life more. So without further ado here are the contenders...

The Saturn Vue: Even though Saturn is no longer, I still love this updated version of the Vue. It is sleek, sturdy and well below our max!! I had a Saturn SL2 and loved it. I know it is a reliable car for the money. Will it be difficult to find replacement parts?

The Nissan Murano: Z and I both agree that we love this but it is at the top of our budget. I have a Nissan currently and I love the way it drives.

The Chevy Equinox: I am not sure about Chevy's and therefore I am leery. But what do I know? It looks the same as The GMC Envoy. The Equinox is less expensive so it makes me want the more expensive Envoy. It that wrong ;)?

GMC Envoy: Simple, sturdy, good quality.

Buick Rendezvous: I know a lot of older people really love their Buick La Saber's but isn't that a good thing? I mean what senior citizen do you know that hasn't researched the poo out of their super safe tanker of a cruiser?? If the Le Saber was good enough for my grandparents then it should be good enough for Z and I!!

Which would you choose? Any advice about one brand vs. the other? WE NEED HELP!!!

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