Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Real Man

I never had close male friends growing up. If I am being perfectly honest they scared the you know what out of me. Therefore I never knew how amazing a man could be. I was scared of them so I decided they were all the stereotype had made them out to be. Selfish, egotistical, and narrow minded. I know harsh but I had many, many barriers up as to not get my feelings hurt. Hindsight is, of course, 20/20!!

Until the day I met my future husband, I had little faith in finding that someone who would get me better than I get me. In walks Zan P. Broussard a real life knight in shining armor. He is the unabashed romantic, football watching, best friend of my dreams. Today is a week shy of our two year anniversary and I wanted to celebrate the very true essence of a real man.

A Real Man

A real man will go to the grocery store and make dinner just because he wants to be helpful.
A real man will hold you when you cry without being asked to do so. He just knows and loves so deeply that he is confident it will calm the storm.
A real man knows that women are delicate as well as tough as nails.
A real man doesn't force you to be anything other than yourself.
A real man works hard to help you achieve your dreams and goals.
A real man is unafraid to share his secrets.
A real man does not have the answer all the time.
A real man is not afraid to admit the one above.
A real man is not afraid of you (much to my dismay ;p) and therefore doesn't let you get away with anything.
A real man does not come along everyday.
A real man must be loved and taken care of just the way you would want to be cared for.
A real man is delicate as well as tough as nails.

It takes courage and confidence to be A Real Man in this day and age. If you have one do not be afraid to tell him.

To my real man I say, "I love you beams more everyday we are together. I feel so blessed that we found each other and even more privileged that we get to journey through life together".


  1. "A real man does not have the answer all the time.
    A real man is not afraid to admit the one above."


    Happy anniversary to you both! xoxo