Thursday, February 25, 2010


In an attempt to extend our lives by a few years I am on the hunt for non toxic cleaning supplies. I have seen the Seventh Generation products at Kroger. I am wondering if there are other products out there in order to compare. I know my sister and her husband use Shacklee Cleaning Supplies. However, they have to be purchased either from a rep or online. I would prefer a product that is more readily available.

The problem I have is that I am a Clorox bleach wipes and spray crazy person. To me it is not clean if I still have nose hairs when I am done or the lingering smell of chlorine hasn't altered the way the outside world smells for at least a few hours. Crazy right!! I just want to feel like it is really clean and sanitized. So in an effort to detoxify our home I am on the hunt!! Any suggestions? What have you tried that allows for a nice thorough clean while still being all natural. I have tried vinegar down my drain but I would like a product line for all my cleaning needs from windows to toilets!!

On a side note I have a smooth top ceramic stove top that is the bane of my existence!! I can never get it clean!!! Does anyone have an all natural product that keeps this type of stove top streak free?

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  1. I love method cleaning products. You can find them at or at Target. I've even seen some of it at Lowe's!

    I live in Old Hickory, too, in the Village. Happy Friday!