Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thinking outside the box...

We live in a very old house. A 90 year old house to be exact. With the joy of owning an older home comes the need to be creative with your use of space (lots of charm; tiny closets). Because I am a design junkie, I am constantly making "improvements" to each room. I use the term improvements loosely. Most of these said "improvements" are really me trying to find a home for all our stuff.

Upon falling in love with my Raymond side tables from Target, I knew clutter was going to be an issue. Around the holidays I found these modern desk organizers at my favorite store for inexpensive gifts: TJMAXX!! It took me all of two minutes to decide these would be the perfect wall accessory for our bedroom. Almost three months later they are up and they are even more perfect than I imagined. It never hurts to think outside the box. Now I have my lovely side tables as well a place for my sketch pads, books, and magazines.

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