Saturday, April 3, 2010

And then there were three...

That is right I said, Z and Z's magic sleep machine. After close to 24 years of constant interrupted sleep, my husband slept like a baby. It actually ended up lulling me to sleep as well. The only down side is once that puppy is on he cannot talk. Those of you who know me well understand my distress as well as my bouts of pure joy. He cannot talk?!? He can only listen?!? I kid, I kid.

It was a strange night or was is it a short night? It is after all 5:20 on a Saturday morning and the only sound I hear, aside from the keyboard, is the gentle airflow of Z's CPAP. It will take some getting use to on my part. Z, however, is sleeping like a baby. The man hasn't had a decent night's sleep in over two must be amazing and I hope his dreams are in color.

I am actually a tad jealous. I know I have taken my issues with jealousy to a new low. But man what I would give for that kind of revitalizing sleep!! We shall see. I am sure this is the beginning of something life changing for Z and for that I am so happy. However I will miss our random "I can't sleep chats". Although I am positive he will not think twice about this loss during his newly found REM cycle ;)!!

That's it for now. Sweet REM cycles to you all! I am going to try to get lulled back to sleep for a couple of hours by that magic sleep machine we shall call HAL ;)!

Sleep machine says, "Thank you Jane. Is there anything I can do for you Jane?"

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