Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleeping under the veil of his Darth Vader mask...

Sorry I have been MIA. I forgot my stupid password for my blog!! Tells you just a little bit about the kind of week I am having. Hi. Are you as tired as I am?

I have felt so run down lately. It is strange because I know I am getting enough sleep. But is it good sleep that is the question? When I had my sleep study done to determine if I had Narcolepsy they told me I had Sleep Apnea as well. The stubborn person that I am refused to believe I needed a CPAP machine. Now I am beginning to wonder if I really did need it. Whatever stupid doctors just cause your robot machines say I have it doesn't make it so...ya right!!!. Anyway, in order to get my CPAP I would have to do another sleep study and I am none too thrilled about that!!.

My sleep study was a nightmare. I tossed and turned all night begging sleep to take over. Not only was it not my bed but I had wires attached to my head and chest. Adding fuel to the fire were the cameras watching and listening to my every move!! Finally having sighed dramatically for the 70th time (I am always trying to make a point by sighing...a little passive I know but whatever wroks :p), a voice came over the speaker, "What's wrong Jane?" What's wrong???????????????? "What is wrong with you perv," I wanted to shout!! Why are you getting paid to watch me sleep? It's creepy!! "Can I watch tv," I whispered to the creepy perv talking to me over the loud speaker. "No," she replied.

Anyway, you get the point! The whole thing was like someone chewing crunchy cereal in my ear!! So until I am ready to come face to speaker with my sleep study perv I will continue to suffer. I will fall asleepish listening to my hubby sleeping peacefully under the veil of his Darth Vader CPAP mask. Good times!!


  1. Very clever blog!!! I am enjoying reading about your life!

  2. That is the nicest comment I have ever received, anonymous. Thank you very much.