Sunday, April 11, 2010

Springtime in Old Hickory

What a glorious weekend!! The sun was out and it was not suffocatingly hot as of yet. This time of year is why we are lucky to live in this part of the country. Saturday I dedicated the day to making jewelry while Z (unfortunately) had to spend the morning working. However, Saturday night we took advantage of one weekend without plans and relaxed. Today was yet another beautiful day. Z and I enjoyed dinner down at the marina. It is nights like tonight that make me happy to be alive. I hope everyone is taking advantage of the weather. It is so VERY important in this over scheduled, over committed world we live in to take time to be still and appreciate.

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  1. What a very good thought and very perceptive on your part. Few young people realize that these lovely times are for wonderful memories that will keep you when you are old!!! Joy to you both!