Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Annual Tour of Homes: The Villages of Old Hickory

This image is borrowed from Nostalgiaville

This weekend was the annual tour of homes in the neighborhood I live in: The Villages of Old Hickory. It really gave me such an appreciation for the city I call home. I was unsure what I was walking into but each house was so unique and creative. I think of homes tours as being stuffy and traditional. Instead the lovely home owners who offered up their homes for us voyeurs were totally opposite. Each home owner had such lovely points of view. While I did not take my camera on the tour (it was not so much a take pictures kind of tour as it was a stop and gawk kind of thing), I did want to share some of the lovely and available houses from my wonderful neighborhood.

811 Jones St.This last one is the home of a neighbor friend of mine who subsequently is also an extremely talented photographer. See her work at

I know I blog a lot about my neighborhood but I cannot help it we are having a love affair. With its sidewalks and neighborhood restaurant/marina, I couldn't be more in love!! You can find info on all three houses up for sale on RealTRACS


  1. This is my neighborhood, too!

    1301 Overton is my attainable dream house... the REAL dream house is the big yellow one on Riverside. Ooh La La.... when I win the lottery.

  2. Haha!! 1301 Overton is my dream home as well! I told the owners I bought my house 2 yrs too early!! I love my home on lawrence but we are already out growing it!! I know the yellow house you are talking about. There is a mint green (I think) on the lake side of Riverside that I would love to get my hands on one day!!

  3. Yes, the Green one facing the lake is the same style but needs a little more work. Those big houses make me swoon.

    I told the 1301 Overton realtor (on open house day) that I'll buy it in two years if they're willing to wait.

    Really,though, perfect house, perfect lot!

  4. I agree! My hubby and I say ever couple of years we are going to move closer and closer to the lake. I really like the shingles on the side of your house!! The gray is really nice. What style house is that? We are in a Haskell on Lawrence. FYI I am an ikea fanatic!! My husband and I are headed to Atlanta and ikea memorial day weekend!! My list is about a mile long.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your neighborhood!!! It is so pretty and interesting. I am glad you love it so much!!! Love, Mom

  6. Our house is called the 'six room bungalow' or the "Old Hickory House" - I've seen it referred to both ways. I'm over on Bryan street, on the 'bad' side of the hood, but I used to live at 908 Clarke... we were just around the corner from the lake and it was really nice.

    We talk about moving sometimes too - it would just be nicer to be where people take more pride in their homes, but at the same time, we have a double lot, and it's so nice to have the yard. And we can expand into the attic, too. We'd really be able to live under our means and still have enough room if we stay where we are forever... time will tell, but I am not opposed to staying put!

  7. Those are some beautiful homes! I love the last bathroom. So vintage. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for asking a question on my blog and I'll write the answer in a post. Thanks!

  8. Shawna-I struggle with the idea of really living in my current home. You know what I mean? I am trying to embrace it for what it is. Whether it feels too small or the closets are tiny I want to enjoy my time in this home. It sounds like you are doing the same. I love my home but I too struggle with being happy in my current space (I get a little envious of those closer the lake and anyone with a basement)!! Do you volunteer at all in the hood? I was thinking about going to a meeting the first tuesday of the month to see how I might get involved. FYI:I really like your blog!!

    Miss Mustard Seed: I love your blog and your sense of style!! I look forward to your future posts!!

  9. Thank you for liking my blog, that makes me really happy! I'm just trying to document this time in my life, as it's probably the happiest I've ever been.

    We don't currently volunteer, but when I lived in the neighborhood before (2004-2005), I did go sit in on meetings just to keep up with what was going on. From what I gather, things sem to be different now, many of the younger people are getting involved and I have really seen much more neighborhood pride since I moved back.

    I think we will get involved when we're more settled in... right now we have a lot on our plates!