Friday, May 7, 2010

And then the flood came...

I am sorry for the delay between blogs. For a while I had nothing interesting to report and then the flood came. We have been dealing with our own damage from the very destructive TN flood of 2010. We have also been helping others, with more substantial damage, start to repair. The flooding in and around the Nashville area has proven to be quite devastating. My sister's neighborhood looks like a war zone. Some people lost everything. Of course, it is just stuff but when it is your stuff it is very hard to remember that. We had about three feet of water in our crawl space. This does not seem like a huge deal compared to some of the areas of Nashville I have seen but $700 dollars later it is big enough.

It is somewhat irritating to see so little coverage on the national news level. I mean with the ten minutes it received on the national news you would have thought a tiny creek over flowed rather a gigantic river, all it's creeks as well as all it's dry river beds exploded into subdivision after subdivision. Are we hurt that we received so little coverage? Yes. Will we get over it? Yes. It is obvious why we did not make the news: no looting, no gunfire, no one wading through waist deep water with a flat screen tv in tow. Instead there was a rush to rally the troops. If anything we had an over abundance of volunteers. It is a testament to the type of city we live in. Would we welcome help from the outside world? Of course! Can we make it through helping ourselves? You better believe it. At the end of the day, what really defines the heart of a city is how they handle a crisis. And did we ever HANDLE A CRISIS!!!

So we help rebuild the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors. It will take time. It will take patience. In the end though, no one can every say we didn't take of ourselves.

I am sorry for the quality of these photos but they were taken from my blackberry. This is my sister's neighborhood about three days after the flood water receeded.


  1. I cannot imagine having to deal with a disaster like this - it must feel good though to know you live in a city of people that are more than willing to help one another out. Good luck and hugs to you guys!

  2. Thanks lovely lady! We are making it!! Can't wait to see you guys again this summer! I am so happy we are really making it a tradition.