Monday, July 12, 2010

A Penny Saved...A Penny Earned.

Back from vacation and ready to go!! This week Z and I are trying to accomplish one not spend a dime except for gas and our car payment. I am shaking with fear. I am sure it will be easy for Z as he tends to be the rational spender in our little family. We have so many dreams and goals for our life together, with a little restraint now, I am sure we can achieve each one.

The most important aspect of achieving a goal is to break it down week by week. I know, I know, common sense. The hard part is the consistency and I am easily distracted. Now that I have written down my 2-5 year goals, I am in the process of breaking it down week by week. The only problem...I want to be at my five year goal yesterday!!!!! But I know the key to achieving each of my goals is day by day and week by week...before I know it I will be living my dream!

So up first we learn to save what we make and get rid of our debt!!

What are your best money saving tips? Do you clip coupons, reuse your paper towels ;), etc??

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