Monday, August 16, 2010


It is almost my b-day. Yep that's right me and Jesus. Well here's to another year on god's green earth in relatively good health. Amen...geez I am starting to sound like I am coming up on my 75th b-day. Oh vey! As my 75 year old alter ego Estelle would say,"Oh my gawd. It's only a birthday for cry eye. Go get me a pack a smokes and a Johnny Walker". Pieces of cake to you and you and you!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home again, home again...

Well, that does it for our 2010 vacations but what a way to go out. There is nothing better than lazy days on the bayou. We were in Galliano, LA, Z's hometown for a few days. Just to give you a visual Galliano is 33 miles north of Grand Isle (where all the oil first started washing ashore). Our second day in town we drove to Grand Isle to spend some time with my mother-in-law's (Miss Elaine) boyfriend (Mr. Pat). I am not going to dwell on how this beautiful ocean town has been so deeply affected but it is so sad. Normally bustling with tourists, Grand Isle was filled with BP clean up crews. No one can go on the beach. Not just the water but the beach as well. In order to walk on the beach you are required to decontaminate. DECONTAMINATE!!! Are you serious?? So sad and it will take years for things to get back to normal.

But not all was doom and gloom. We spent ample time stuffing our faces with the best Cajun fare. Shrimp dip, fried shrimp, shrimp creole, etc. It was fabulous. And while I feel somewhat like a Macy's Day parade float, I wouldn't miss a meal!! If you have never experienced true Cajun food you are missing out!!

Z's mom presented him with a new camera for all his hard work passing his Microsoft exams. He was so surprised and, I believe, deeply moved. He spent most of the trip playing with his new toy. And as I had suspected is quite the photographer (note: all the pictures in the blog entry are taken care of Z and he has gladly agreed to be my exclusive blog photographer (I know as if he had a choice ;)).

As much fun as we had something changed for us on this trip to the Bayou. We spent a good part of the trip realizing how sad we would be to go home. Z, especially, had a hard time this trip. Growing up is hard. Realizing how important it is to have a connection to your roots is even harder when you leave 600 miles away. My immediate family is in TN. I take this for granted when it comes to Z and his family. My family is so loving and accepting of Z that I forget that it is not the same as having your own family close by. So our new goal is to make a trip home ever 6 months at least. Life is so fleeting. You forget how fast people change and grow older when you see them only once a year. You leave and think time stands still while you are gone. But it does not.

Not to be a total downer, we love our little life in TN. We have so many lovely friends and family to make the time in between trips busy and happy!

Up Next...

Office redo!! I know it is about time. First up family work day to clear clutter, re-arrange furniture and spackle holes!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blast From The Past...

But not really cause this is my work phone...

Am I mistaken or did I just enter a time warp? I mean the only thing missing from this picture is a oversized clip on earring. This phone has me feeling like Alexis Carrington from Falcon Crest. Anywhoo just a little food for thought on this hump day.

P.S For all concerned parties, this blog took me ten minutes and I was on my lunch break clocked out :)!!!