Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blast From The Past...

But not really cause this is my work phone...

Am I mistaken or did I just enter a time warp? I mean the only thing missing from this picture is a oversized clip on earring. This phone has me feeling like Alexis Carrington from Falcon Crest. Anywhoo just a little food for thought on this hump day.

P.S For all concerned parties, this blog took me ten minutes and I was on my lunch break clocked out :)!!!


  1. I always love on soap operas (growing up we were All My Children loyalists, even my dad)... I always love when Erika Kane (i.e. Susan Lucci) would answer the phone, and she'd have to take off one of her ginormous earrings to talk to the other party on the line (who was either blackmailing her or notifying her that her paternity test results just came in).

  2. Lol I was an All My Children fan myself!! And sadly I had many hideous oversized earrings that I rocked throughout the eighties. I seem to recall an entire year of large white plastic peace signs! C'est la vie!!

    P.S. Love your blog! You and your siblings are so fabulously interesting in all your creative endeavors!! Thanks for sharing your stories. And thanks for stopping by!