Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Progress...

I feel I have been making progress with the whole "make over/under my life" concept. The problem I am always faced with is that I suffer from instant gratificationitis as well as perfectionitis. Neither of these are helpful when trying to get from point A to point B as gracefully as possible. I guess gracefully is pushing it for me...let's just say getting to point B without losing my sh*t on the lady at the Kroger checkout line. The truth is whether making over or making under your life, it is staying consistent day in and day out that is the real challenge. Baby steps are key albeit annoying and repetitive, baby steps nonetheless. Even doing the most mundane minute something everyday will eventually allow me to achieve any goal I set for myself.

Here is a vintage ad montage to how I feel on a daily basis these days...

Battle armor is needed to start the day in my home. Get souped up or ship out!! Whether it be caffeine or something else I always start my day like the front of a Wheaties box!!

This is a computer, you are in a dental office waiting to get a root canal, this is not a Chinese buffet and no I do not have a lighter. This is me explaining everything short of the birds and the bees most days at work.

Scrub, scrub, scrub til it shines she told her reflection. It must be perfect!!

Is it the end of the day already? It is only 8:15? Well lets put on a dress, scrub gloves and an apron and it is time to party!!

I am not bitter just crazed and tired. Goodnight!! Got to get wired and hopped up on something bright and early!! See you in the funnies!!

Oh yes and I cannot leave out how I am feeling about food these days. *See above photograph and make your own assumption.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The love affair ends today...

I am sorry to report but I do believe the love affair with my 90 year old house has officially ended. It's not the houses fault. I just happen to spend a couple of days at my parents home and the allure of the on-suite bathroom with it sexy counter top that goes on for days was just too much. I currently dry and flat iron my hair in the dinner room with both instruments strung out across the floor like last year's prom dress. But at my parents home I woke up and showered without being attacked by a shower curtain. The tub in our home, a beautiful old claw foot, requires three shower curtains just to contain the flow from the shower head. The curtains try to swallow you whole as you stand sideways in order to not get bullied by this piece of plastic that keeps sticking to your butt! Good times I know.

It is sad though. I love my little dollhouse. It has such a romantic sense about itself with its long covered front porch and tiny stair case. But I think I may need to be a bit more sensible when choosing my next home. Double sinks would be nice but a more spacious bathroom is a must. Oh well for now my little 90 year old gem with have to suffice.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!!

It is September, the birds are singing, and every idiot on their way to work is singing at the top of their lungs...myself included. I actually heard myself singsong out loud, "Happy September"!! And I meant it. Something is in the air and I like it!! Whether it is some kind of magical fairy dust or just that things seem to be going my way this week, the sensation is intoxicating. I am serious I am like Snow White up in this place with birds fluttering to my finger tips as I belt out Magic by B.O.B. I hope it keeps. I have needed a little positive reinforcement as of late. The hardest part about living life to it's fullest while trying to accomplish financial goals, weight goals, etc., is the day in day out. I mean I like turkey but turkey sandwiches with no new fall purse in sight...come on!! No need to venture down that path today!! Anyway, another bird just landed and is begging me for an encore!! Much love and happy September!!

Oh I am so happy today I feel like giving out bouquets of pencils!!