Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!!

It is September, the birds are singing, and every idiot on their way to work is singing at the top of their lungs...myself included. I actually heard myself singsong out loud, "Happy September"!! And I meant it. Something is in the air and I like it!! Whether it is some kind of magical fairy dust or just that things seem to be going my way this week, the sensation is intoxicating. I am serious I am like Snow White up in this place with birds fluttering to my finger tips as I belt out Magic by B.O.B. I hope it keeps. I have needed a little positive reinforcement as of late. The hardest part about living life to it's fullest while trying to accomplish financial goals, weight goals, etc., is the day in day out. I mean I like turkey but turkey sandwiches with no new fall purse in sight...come on!! No need to venture down that path today!! Anyway, another bird just landed and is begging me for an encore!! Much love and happy September!!

Oh I am so happy today I feel like giving out bouquets of pencils!!


  1. I can hear you singing!! What lovely joy! I love you, you are always my weet Jane!!

  2. That comment was from me your seriously technologically impaired mother. I still love to hear you sing with that lovely voice.