Friday, September 10, 2010

The love affair ends today...

I am sorry to report but I do believe the love affair with my 90 year old house has officially ended. It's not the houses fault. I just happen to spend a couple of days at my parents home and the allure of the on-suite bathroom with it sexy counter top that goes on for days was just too much. I currently dry and flat iron my hair in the dinner room with both instruments strung out across the floor like last year's prom dress. But at my parents home I woke up and showered without being attacked by a shower curtain. The tub in our home, a beautiful old claw foot, requires three shower curtains just to contain the flow from the shower head. The curtains try to swallow you whole as you stand sideways in order to not get bullied by this piece of plastic that keeps sticking to your butt! Good times I know.

It is sad though. I love my little dollhouse. It has such a romantic sense about itself with its long covered front porch and tiny stair case. But I think I may need to be a bit more sensible when choosing my next home. Double sinks would be nice but a more spacious bathroom is a must. Oh well for now my little 90 year old gem with have to suffice.

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  1. Dream big: double vanity, walk-in slate shower with double heads, and a nice glass door (not a slider) and heated flooring.....
    until then, say to yourself: "This will do in a pinch" and know that your sweet doll house gem (and it is a gem) will become a love affair to someone new someday!
    Happy Saturday!