Monday, November 22, 2010

Etsy Gift Guide #3

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I felt another Etsy Gift Guide would be the way to go!! Enjoy and remember to always help support an artist! You never know, you may be helping someone achieve their dreams one purchase at a time!!!

Try this unique wreath on for size this holiday season and have a truly funky x-mas!! It is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come!

Is this the cutest thing ever?? I cannot image a more perfect sweater on a chic!! For a mere $50 your pooch will be all the rage!

To me this is just the perfect shrug! It is stylish but also useful as it covers the entire arm. For more unique crochet items head over to reflectionsbyds shop!!

Being both my mother's daughter as well as glutton for anything vintage x-mas, this lovely pennant one may be on my staircase this year!! 

I am sucker for anything with the bold chevron pattern on it and therefore these curtains fit the bill!!

Here is a fabulous circle scarf with a lot to say!! From the size to the color combo, it is truly unique. I love the unique asymmetrical color block! 

I WANT I WANT!! Nough can someone tell my hubby that his oh-so-hard-working goddess of a wife takes back what she said about not giving each other x-mas gifts this year??

If you are looking for some inexpensive unique prints check out this print and more from JANETHILLSTUDIO.

I am kind of obsessed with all things mustache labeled! These whimsical glasses would make the most unique gift for that someone who already has everything!!

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