Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am in the year end blahsville. Christmas is over, no New Years plans on the horizon, and a belly that is screaming for some peace on earth!!! I am always a mix of emotions this time of year as it feels like such a bitter sweet time. While on one hand it is inspiring (fingers crossed Z and I will attempt to tile our back splash ;)), it is also very solemn and quiet. There is time to reflect on the year. Was I the best I could be? Mediocre would be pushing it. I have found, while reflecting on the past year/couple of years, that I really have lived my life in a constant state of instant gratification. I realized when the lovely ladies I work with talked about their Christmas charity that it would be the first time I had given financially all year. I know better than that but I always manage to get caught up in how much I need that or how much I need this. It really can be exhausting. So as I cruise or waddle into 2011 this is the thought that I am carrying with me..."It is a year to give."

For today that is all I got. I am sure I will figure the rest out as January unfolds. I hope your holidays were grand. Happy Christmas/2011!!

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