Monday, March 14, 2011

Currently on my mind...

Staying Focused...
It was recently brought to my attention by someone that lives with me (whose name shall not be mentioned) that I have a tendency to flutter between (upside down and backside forward) ideas. I will admit I tend to be a dreamer with more than 2-3 good ideas bubbling on the surface at any given time. I am and have been well aware of this fact for most of my life. Trying to quiet my mind and stay focused could very well be a full time job.

Forward Motion...
That is it. Just thinking about it. Understanding my own and staying focused long enough to achieve it. Good times.


  1. Must run in the family... I find that thinking about things is in most cases more fun than doing them... but less satisfying, I suppose.

  2. I am a total planner more fun that actuality. So it probably is in the least my side!