Sunday, April 24, 2011

School Days, school days...

I have lost a little bit of my voice lately. I feel certain about most things and uncertain about a few important things. I guess that happens throughout life's journey. I am going back to school and I start June 20th. It is the most exciting and important thing I have done since I put on a white dress and met my hubby in NOLA to tie the knot!! The only down side of change is the fear that comes with it. If you are truly living life to it's fullest then a healthy amount of fear just goes with the territory. At 33 I know that if I am afraid or uncertain of something then I am more than likely supposed to be doing it. So as I prep for my new life as a student once again, I am filled with several emotions. I am certain I am on the right path. I am uncertain how my life will change immediately and long term. All of this scares the you-know-what out of me. But life is short and should be about the journey.

Oh by the way I am searching for a new pair of glasses. These are five pairs I had delivered from Warby Parker. WP is a fab online glasses website! Every pair (lenses included) is only $95.

I love these but they look very similar to what I already have.

These are a definite no go as Zan says I look like Velma from Scooby Doo! I thought some guys have a thing for Velma ;)?

I feel I may be channeling Janine from Ghostbusters with these! I am trying to find a new look that is a bit outside the box but this may be a bit far ;)!!

I am getting warmer...

I think we may have a winner!! And for $95 it doesn't feel like much of a sacrifice!!