Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Normally my birthday makes it feel like the end of summer but this year I added the beach to my end of summer festivities. This year I got to celebrate my b-day in style on the red neck riviera better know as Panama City Beach. Not only did I have a fabulous 34th birthday with my babes but I had it surrounded by white sand and emerald green waters. We ate the best seafood, swam in the gulf (albeit only once as the waters were full of fish that pooled at your feet...let's just say nightmare scenario), and drifted together in the hotel pool. It was a birthday for the books. I also got to quickly reminisce (to rolled eyes and deep sighs) about my first kiss at Hotel Chateau. I wonder what ever happened to Shane Carr?? Your upside down kiss was magical to my unknowing 16 year old self. *(^-^)*


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