Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jame's & Lily's Guest Bath

Design Board for James & Abby's Guest Bath

1.) Starting with the inspiration piece, an abstract collage of The Dead Sea by yours truly, I chose the color palette. It you look closely you can see so many different colors from a very saturated black to a ballet pink. It is these two colors, black and pink, that will become their walls and ceiling.
2.) When you decide to go with a very dark shade on the walls it is important to invite other items into the space that reflect light and create sparkle. A venetian glass mirror is the perfect compliment. Nothing too big or too fussy for a small space but the piece should help spread the light.
3.) A guest bath is the perfect place to think outside the box. Using Martha Stewart's French Bulldog will make the tiny 5'x5' powder room a perfect shade of Dracula black! To soften this look we will add Martha's Paris Pink to the ceiling.
4.) Both the toilet and the sink are a nice mix of modern traditional. All white for added contrast.
5.) These sconces are perfect as they add the necessary light but do not detract from the amazing venetian glass mirror.
6.) Inexpensive bathroom accessories from Ikea are perfect to round out our color palette.

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