Saturday, January 21, 2012

As I wandered through Anthropologie today I found my self wishing I was getting married again!! Ok not entirely true! I would take the wedding without the never ending "to do" list and a little more MUCHO DINERO but other than that brand new dishes and appliances would be the beez kneez!!! I would love to registered for almost everything I saw today. From floral plates to ceramic strawberry baskets I was in heaven!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I love to dream about all the changes I am going to make to my nearly 100 year old catalog home...but then I decide a vacation is much more important!! Dreaming costs nothing so here goes! My latest dream is to rip out the standard boring sink in my laundry/half bath and replace it with a vintage sink. If I can find one for a decent price I might just do it or I might go to NYC? We will see but for now here is what I am thinking...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was going through my routine of reading all my favorite blogs. Over at Pink Cupcake Vintage the latest post is about a fab retro appliance. It got me to thinking what is my favorite retro/vintage something? That little find I would give my right arm to have in pristine condition. Is it an Retro Cosco Step Stool Seat or a complete set of 1969 Childcraft art books? No, no those are maybe #2 and #3. My #1 would be a beautiful set or sets of either Hazel Atlas or Pyrex mixing bowls. I want to line the tops of my cabinets with multi-colored mixing bowl madness!! I think the polka dots are my fav but I wouldn't mind a pantry full of color coordinated varying shades like in the photo above.