Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures in becoming a designer...

In my adventures into becoming a designer of architecture I have been lucky enough to get some hands on work experience, the best kind if you ask me. Grad school can teach you a set of skills but, as with anything you want to do well, working experience trumps all. To date I have successfully met and designed for my first clients (before and afters coming soon) i have also started working with a local Nashville designer. While working with my first clients was both exilarating and scary, I realize how much there is to learn about the client/designer relationship. So, as usually happens when I let go and let God and the universe take over, the proper guidance is provided. I can already say I have learned so many valuable lessons from Lisa the designer who has taken me under her wing. Yesterday our lesson began with a trip to several different antique/salvage stores as well as the flea market. Let me tell you this is my kind of learning! We were on a mission for several pieces: a victorian type dresser for a little girl's room as well as traditional/transitional lighting for both a guest bath and nursery. Below I have posted a couple pieces that are now in the running.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Are you misunderstood?

Are you? Do speak your mind because life has taught you that if you don't then most everyone will walk all over you, assume you agree with them, or worse yet think you believe they are right? I spent most of my younger years afraid of everything, agreeing with what everyone said. I did this to be a nice, polite, understanding young woman, a good girl.

But you know what happened? I lost myself? Maybe I did not truly lose myself because how much do we really know about ourselves in our youth? I did, however, find a deep all encompassing depression. A depression that kept me trapped inside my apartment for days wondering where my happiness and my youth had gone.

It turns out there is this long lovely journey required to owning your own feelings and opinions. And, in the end, if you cannot love yourself, you will never know the happy independence of not taking anyone's crap.

I write all of this down because I think as women we do not truly (without saying shit behind each other's back) encourage each other along this beautiful journey to self awareness. Can you imagine the world issues we could solve with a little help from our sister wives?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Becoming Jane...again.

Just checking in from the Sleep clinic (yes, I am still here). Apparently the 30 pounds I have lost really made a more sleep apnea! So I am in for day 2 of the narcolepsy testing. You have to stay awake when they tell you to and sleep when they tell you to all day long hour on hour off!! Excruciatingly exhausting!! But all in the pursuit of better health and wellness!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Financial Freedom!

In my journey to lose weight My Fitness Pal has been a godsend! If I feel a bad decision coming on, I simply put the food into my pal and let reality sink in. An impromptu fry craving does not seem so worth it when you see 600 calories written out. It truly is the only thing that has ever worked as a way to check in. So now in my effort to save money I am searching for a My Financial Pal of sorts! Does this exist? At the same time it has got to have a finances for dummies aspect to it ;)!! I have tried and I am always overwhelmed. Ok who am I kidding...I need someone to slap some sense into me and put a lock on my debit card!! Anyone have a system that works for them?