Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures in becoming a designer...

In my adventures into becoming a designer of architecture I have been lucky enough to get some hands on work experience, the best kind if you ask me. Grad school can teach you a set of skills but, as with anything you want to do well, working experience trumps all. To date I have successfully met and designed for my first clients (before and afters coming soon) i have also started working with a local Nashville designer. While working with my first clients was both exilarating and scary, I realize how much there is to learn about the client/designer relationship. So, as usually happens when I let go and let God and the universe take over, the proper guidance is provided. I can already say I have learned so many valuable lessons from Lisa the designer who has taken me under her wing. Yesterday our lesson began with a trip to several different antique/salvage stores as well as the flea market. Let me tell you this is my kind of learning! We were on a mission for several pieces: a victorian type dresser for a little girl's room as well as traditional/transitional lighting for both a guest bath and nursery. Below I have posted a couple pieces that are now in the running.

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