Sunday, July 15, 2012

Financial Freedom!

In my journey to lose weight My Fitness Pal has been a godsend! If I feel a bad decision coming on, I simply put the food into my pal and let reality sink in. An impromptu fry craving does not seem so worth it when you see 600 calories written out. It truly is the only thing that has ever worked as a way to check in. So now in my effort to save money I am searching for a My Financial Pal of sorts! Does this exist? At the same time it has got to have a finances for dummies aspect to it ;)!! I have tried and I am always overwhelmed. Ok who am I kidding...I need someone to slap some sense into me and put a lock on my debit card!! Anyone have a system that works for them?


  1. I'm on my fitness pal too!!! I need to send you my name and we can be buddies. :) You are rockin' it girl.

  2. I friended you!! Had a bad day today but tomorrow is a new day!!