Friday, January 30, 2015

Design Inspiration: Where to start? How to stay focused?

Ever feel like the plethora of design information on the Internet is like an SAT question not only making you question your design sense but also making you question your sanity? The question be like:

"What do you get if you click here to see the perfect whole house color palette?"

A.) 600 ways to style your shelves
2.) Celebrities most stylish dog houses
C.) 50 ways to spice up your love life...wait, what?
D.)  E = mc 2

It's like the more you search the harder it gets to make a decision. While in my work life I tend to be overly OCD once I try to get started on my own home, the Internet becomes a giant black hole of lost dreams. Did I mention I am also a bit dramatic? Truly there are a couple ways to make this process a little less daunting and a whole lot more fun!! Here are some tips for getting started.

1.) PICK A SEARCH SUBJECT: Whether it be a room reno, a color palette search, or a specific style...your first step us to pick one. I know, I know harder than it sounds. But you can repeat this step over and over again.

2.) PICK A DESIGN SITE: Today's blog was inspired by a neighbor of mine looking for some good design sites that would help her find direction and focus. I always tell people to start with HOUZZ. If you are unfamiliar it, is a dream. Like google search but all design, all the time!!

3.) ORGANIZE THE INFORMATION: A site like houzz allows you to organize your searches with them. I think it is a bonus but if not starting with houzz get organized on your computer. This is my system: my picture>client folders>client's name>room>specific folder (i.e. accessories/dining room/lighting). Now you have a nice neat system you can revisit when you are ready to start making decisions.

4.) DECISION MAKING: Now this is where things can get a little tricky. I am a very visual person. So now I am staring at all these lovely organized folders on my computer and the panic sets in. I may or may not be slightly sweaty and for sure I am talking out loud to myself. Remember we are doing this one room, one issue at a time. Grab some scrap paper and let's get started.

Hold up, not so fast!!!! Truly decision making is a subject with it's own set of guidelines so for now get to searching! It is time to find the perfect shade of making-your-all your-design-fantasies-a-reality!

Here is a list of some of my other "go to" design sites for inspiration!

Apartment Therapy Not just a site about apartment decor. The whole house tours are drool worthy!!
Ikea Hacker Are you a DIYer or just an Ikea fan? This site is for you!
Design*Sponge Just shut it down! They have everything.
freshome Ooodles and oodles of ideas. Now don't get lost ;)!
Atomic Indy & Retro Renovation For the Marsha Brady in all of us!
Home Bunch Much like the Food Network except instead of food porn, it is design porn.

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