Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am a blogger...sometimes...ok I use to be...

I am inspired by so many things and one day when I am fully my own boss, I plan to explore some of these things! But until then I drool and bookmark all the wonderfully inspiring blogs and bloggers out there. All of whom are really making their mark on the world in terms of design and living life to the fullest!!

One of my favorites is Kristen F. Davis of Atlanta. She is an artist/blogger/designer. I am constantly inspired by the way she transforms not only other people's spaces but her own space at home and in her studio. 
Here is the before:
source: kfddesigns
Here is the after:
source: kfddesigns

I love her mix of textures and patterns. The neutral background she creates with the gray walls, vanity and marble all work well as a canvas for all the pops of color! 

I am also a huge fan of fellow Nashvillian, Martina of As a graphic designer she has an eye for the unique and stylish. Not only does her sense of style inspire me but her openness about her life and walk with God draws me in as well. The two homes that she has featured on her blog are both stylish and homey at the same time.
Her first home:
 source: mymcmlife
Her second home:
 source: mymcmlife
If you don't know Stephanie Nielson from the nieniedialogues then you are missing out on knowing one of the strongest women of faith and hope I have ever known.Obviously I do not know her personally but have been reading her blog for years. I initially stumbled across her blog as a design blog/mommy blog. She is the picture perfect all american mom/homemaker/mom-of-the-year! But there is more to her story and it is a story of tragedy turned faith, hope, and perseverance.
source: thecafemom 
source: thecafemom  

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